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Entrepreneur Coaching

Looking to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? If so, what's holding you back?STOP THINKING and START DOING!BEGINNINGPut all those handwritten ideas and visions to work! Elite Services 4 You has spent decades researching, training, developing tools and strategies to help you create a solid business plan and the real life experience to execute your plan flawlessly. I’ve been where you’ve been and have seen all the opportunities on the other side and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries to ensure you have all your bases covered from start to finish!My passion is coaching, training and languages - what’s your passion?READY FOR TAKE OFFSo, you are officially in business, and it’s all uphill from here, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, business owners run into various challenges along the way. Despite these challenges the ultimate goal is for businesses to run an efficiently profitable business without losing the passion along the way. With my coaching experience in operat…
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Family and Depression how it affects you

How many of you suffer from Depression?  I know I do and for me it's an every day battle to overcome.  Some days I'm happy, cheery and other days I'm lost and feeling alone.Many people tell me "How can you be depressed, your family is great, your husband does everything for you; he cooks, cleans, works, takes care of you the kids the house and your kids; they are wonderful, they are loving, caring, respectful, and we see them also doing everything you want them to do"...Well, depression has NOTHING to do with my loving, caring family! It has to do with me, with who I am, who I think I'm not, who I wish I was, but everyone knows what I am, with the I wish: "I could have, should have, but I didn't do?".Depression has to do with unresolved issues, deep unresolved emotions, self esteem, life's struggles, loss of job, loss of a loved one,  physical, mental trauma, peer pressure, so many things can cause Depression.When you feel like your lost in …

I am an Interpreter and Entrepreneur

How old were you when you decided that one day, you could be your own boss?Well, let me tell you I was 10 years old, when at a very young age my parents would take us to the #upholsteryshop a family business that was started in 79' from the ground up by my father "Valencia", now (Deceased).  A successful immigrant, who migrated into the USA in 78'.I remember my parents taking us to the shop right after school and on the weekend's.  I remember him telling me (Mija, you are very smart, so I need you to help me talk to the customers and answer the phone, ok), he would also tell me to: "write down the vehicle information, answer phones, help me with filing these documents, help me write out these invoices, so we can bill" and at times I would even help clean the cars.  I learned how to "buff, sand, wax and detail the cars, as well as un-stitch the upholstery, cut the material to re-upholster the vehicle seats.  I would also help take apart the headline…

Happy Translator Day

#goodmorning everyone!
#buenosdias a todos!
The #celebration of the day is being #promoted by FIT which is known as the (International Federation Of Translator) which was set up ever since 1953. The idea of making this day official was promoted by FIT and then it got recognised as the #internationaltranslationday to show the solidarity of the worldwide #translation community in an effort to promote the #translation #profession among all the people and not only in one country but in the entire world 🌏
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"A Day in the Life of an Interpreter"

Are you like many who are bilingual and would like to start a career in Interpreting, but don't know how? What are the hours of an interpreter?What type of settings?Is this Freelance or Employee?Is it professional, casual?How do you find jobs as an interpreter?How long does it take to become a professional interpreter? Some of the many questions that I'm asked on a daily basis... Now, the question I ask you - are you ready to become "Self Employed, Freelancer, Entrepreneur?... Becoming a "Professional Interpreter" doesn't happen overnight!  It takes a lot of hard work, training, skill building, dedication, etc... TRUST ME!!! I've been doing this for over 16+years and everyday I learn something new!  Don't get me wrong this industry is very rewarding, but also very challenging, but it has its perks!  For me, I love the flexibility, the challenges, the experiences, enjoy working and meeting people, love to travel, love the rewards that come with it! I pic…

Simultaneous Interpretation a Highly Skilled mode of Interpretation and Not everyone can do it!

How many of you fully understand or know how difficult Simultaneous Interpretation can be?  Well, let me tell you its difficult for some, but NOT for me, I love it and its my favorite mode of interpretation. :)  I have over 16 years of experience working as a Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference interpreter for all areas, such as: Medical, Legal, Government, Hospitality, Investigations, General Businesses, State, County, Federal, and much more!!! Simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting, which not only requires accurate and complete oral interpretation, but also the interpreter must interpret at the same rate of speech of the speaker, with only a few seconds of lag time, therefore requires a lot of concentration and usually requires a “team of interpreters” for any assignments over 2 hours. Many organizations and companies think that Simultaneous or Conference interpreters are high priced, and yes they are.  Why?  Because of the skills needed to succes…